About Delaney

Delaney is a doughty, but far from dowdy, spirit who has been coming to life since one beautiful Fall day in 2009, when Jane decided she wanted to create a unique character. The process was kind of higgledy-piggledy, but in a very unruffled way. Following one inspiration at a time, Delaney’s image flowed from pen to paper… a big hearted, starry-eyed optimist with a care-free hairdo! It was kind of magical! She perched naked on the drawing board for a time until Jane dressed her in Zentangles. With the right pair of boots, Delaney felt like she could do anything!

It occurred to Jane that it might be very good indeed to have someone reminding her that anything is possible… until it isn’t. It’s all about what you’re thinking while you’re waiting to see what happens. Delaney balances her optimism with healthy levels of anxiety and careful thinking. She’s very clever like that.

About Jane

Jane is an artist who has studied and implemented a number of creative activities. Following doodling, pen and ink was her first medium and has proven to be her favorite. Jane pulled Zentangles from her inventory, and it was perfect for her Delaney character; complicated but delicate, interesting but fun, exacting but free.

Delaney tries to find the best in all situations, but she is as much a realist as an idealist. There is just so much bad stuff  to deal with every day, it seems important to  always look for an encouraging and heartening simultaneous happening.

Presently, Delaney is only on notecards, of which there are twenty-one in print.  As Delaney scans her extensive boot collection, she knows there will be more.

She inspires to expand in all directions.

We're Environmentally Sensitive

You may have noticed that Delaney is wearing linen, which is in line with her “greenness”. Yes, it’s pricier but, social consciousness comes with a price tag. That’s why Delaney is printed by local printing companies in Northern New England and Denver. The paper used meets the mark of responsible forestry, are manufactured with 100% renewable energy, and are made with a minimum of 30% post consumer fiber and meet federal procurement guidelines. There’s a happy feeling when you walk into the printers and they are excited to see you and Delaney. They’re part of Delaney’s family.

Zentangles is also kind of “green”. It is meditative and purposeful, and takes a focused concentration. I don’t know very much about graphic illustration, so to me it is fascinating and unbelievably creative. I do know that graphic illustrators create beautiful zentangles, but how it evolved from etch-a-sketch is a mystery. The pen to paper is what it is all about for me. To see the development of a pattern that I am not totally clear about is delightful. It cannot be perfect, and that has been an excellent exercise for me. If you want to experience a segment of time without stress, try zentangles.